My 10 Favorite Affiliate Marketplaces

Here’s a quick and dirty list of my preferred affiliate marketplaces.  All of these are free to join and apply to affiliate programs (don’t ever sign up for a marketplace that tries to charge you, unless you are trying to advertise your own product).

  1. Amazon Associates: I probably shouldn’t start off a list of affiliate marketplaces with the one website that is not technically a marketplace.  But they are worth adding to your arsenal because they are the biggest online retailer in existence and you can make a commission off of anything they sell.
  2. Avangate:  Avangate has affiliate programs for a small segment of software products.  One cool feature is that you can generate your own discount codes if you want to share your profits with visitors to induce sales.  I wish all programs did this.  (For example, if you earn a 30% commission for a product and you generate a discount coupon for 10%, when it is used, you will get 30% – 10% = 20% commission).
  3. ClickBank: Clickbank primarily sells information products.  When you search their directory you’ll find an equal amount of trashy gimmicks and hidden gems. It’s worth browsing through programs though.  And if you want to sell your own eBook and use affiliates to help sell for you, they are a popular choice.
  4. Commission Junction: The huge variety of programs and simple interface makes this my favorite marketplace.
  5. E-Junkie: Similar to ClickBank, E-Junkie offers a lot of information products.  This is another great platform to sell your own eBooks if you want to reach a large audience.
  6. FlexOffers: Good variety of programs and the ability to earn recurring commissions for other people you sign up as affiliates.
  7. Google Affiliate Network: (formerly Doubleclick)- I’m not a fan of this network, but they are popular and sometimes you have no other choice but to go with the network that carries the product you want to promote.
  8. LinkShare: Good variety of programs (although a horrible interface).
  9. PepperJam Exchange: Pepperjam has a smaller number of programs, but is a very well run network with a good user interface.
  10. ShareASale: ShareASale is also very well run and I’ve experienced extremely quick payouts which is a big plus.

You can find a wide variety of products to promote within these sites, but remember they are certainly not the only game in town.  Also, many advertisers run their own in-house affiliate programs.  Don’t be afraid to take advantage of these as well since they’ll often pay higher commissions because they don’t have to pay a listing fee.

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