Which Blog Monetization Strategies Work For Long Term Growth?

blog monetization strategies


Blogs can be monetized so many different ways that it’s hard to figure out which methods will work in the long run.  Choose the wrong strategy and you can scare off your audience.  Choose the right strategy and you can bank some cash and even provide valuable services to your readers, imagine that!

You can easily make a quick 100 bucks by running a paid post from an advertiser, but what long term damage does that do to your credibility? What about those annoying ads that appear when you mouse over a link?  You might get paid, but you’ll have less repeat visitors, which means less money in the long run.

On the other hand, if you build trust with your readers and occasionally offer value-added affiliate products that help them, you can grow your subscriber base and make money at the same time.

There are definitely optimal ways to make money from your blog, but so many more ways to just irritate your readers.  Sometimes you need to forgo short term paydays and keep your reader’s best interest in mind in order to build your blog for the long run.  Here’s my thoughts on which tactics work when used in moderation and which will repel your readers.

My Take on Popular Blog Monetization Strategies

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