How to Build a Successful Blog

What makes a blog successful? I’ve decided to coin a new term to classify the success of a blog: TIM (Traffic, Impact, and Monetization).

I don’t care whether you’re writing to improve the world, for fun, or for cash, building a successful blog means you need to excel in at least one these categories…and preferably all three.

Traffic: You need somebody to read your content right? On-page and off-page SEO (back-linking) are tricky bastards.

Impact: Are you just filling up pages or are you providing useful content? Do people leave smarter after reading your blog? Are they entertained? If your blog is just a squeeze page to capture clicks, you’re not doing the world any favors, and that sort of content is slowly being pushed down in the SERPs.

Monetization: If you’ve got the first two categories covered this should be the easiest part, but it can always be improved upon. This is one of my favorite topics because there are so many fascinating ways to monetize a blog and who doesn’t want their blog to make money?

I’ve learned much about TIM the hard way (and I’m still learning), but I’ll share as many lessons learned as I can in this category of posts.

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