Entrepreneurship, telecommuting, and other reasons your friends think you’re crazy

Have you ever been called a mad scientist, a control freak, non-conformist, unemployable, or perhaps even a gambling addict? How about a hermit, curmudgeon, or crackpot? There’s plenty of negative terms that describe our little club (albeit sometimes deserving), but they usually come from people with little understanding of the appeal of controlling your own destiny.

If you do understand the entrepreneurial lifestyle and these names don’t bother you, read on!

How to Design a Professional Logo for Your Small Business

Do you need a professional logo for your small business? Here’s a simple 99designs tutorial to help you find the right graphic designer and the perfect logo design that fits your company.
Your logo is one of the first impressions you will make on your customers. A low quality logo might just mean a customer moves on to […]

4 Tips for Sourcing Products from Overseas

If you plan to start a business that sells products, you will need to find vendors to provide you with what you need. In many cases, budding entrepreneurs look overseas for what they need. After all, it’s often to receive bulk discount when you source your products from overseas. The costs of buying products from […]

Does It Make Sense to Use Prepaid Legal Services?

Starting a business requires a lot of paperwork, and sometimes you need a little legal advice. And, later on, you might need to consult with a lawyer about contracts, partnerships, hiring, or other issues.
Paying an attorney can get expensive; the costs add up, and some lawyers charge hundreds of dollars an hour. I am fortunate […]

What to Pay for Web Copy

If you’re looking for blog content, it’s usually possible to get it fairly cheap – if you don’t mind buying it from non-native speakers. Even more expensive blog content isn’t too bad, running you between $50 and $250 per 500-word post, depending on the experience of the writer and the research required to produce the […]

Is a Non-Disclosure Agreement Right for You?

As a freelancer, I’ve signed many contracts that include non-disclosure clauses. A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) can help you protect intellectual and proprietary property in some cases. Having your freelancers sign these agreements, or including non-disclosure clauses in their contracts, can provide you peace of mind — and offer you legal recourse if a freelancer shares […]

How to Find an Accountant for Your Business

As an entrepreneur, you have a number of financial transactions to take care of. Keeping track of everything can be a full-time job itself, taking your focus away from building your business. It’s even worse around tax time.
One of the things you can do is hire an accountant to help with some of your financial […]

How to Choose a Heatlh Insurance Plan as an Independent Contractor

One of the biggest challenges an independent contractor faces is paying for health insurance. Health insurance is important, since you never know when you could experience a catastrophic health problem. Unfortunately, paying for health insurance can be difficult when you are an independent contractor, since you don’t have “the man” picking up part of the […]

How Much Should You Pay for a White Paper?

One of the ways that you can effectively market your business venture is to have a white paper produced. For certain types of business, white papers can be great marketing tools. They offer you the chance to present yourself as an expert.
However, if you want a freelancer to create your white paper on your behalf, […]

5 Questions to Ask Before You Hire a Virtual Assistant

As a business owner, sometimes things get a little overwhelming. When you look at all of the mundane tasks you are required to do, and when you think about how much time these tasks suck up, you start to feel bogged down.
One way you can get beyond these feelings, and free up more time, is […]

Joining a Mastermind Group? Know the Etiquette

A mastermind group can provide you with a number of benefits. But before you join a mastermind group, it’s a good idea to understand how the group works, and what kind of etiquette is appropriate for the group.
Each group will have it’s own rules of etiquette, from how much help to ask for, to how […]