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Odesk and Elance are my favorites of all freelance websites. I like them because I get a large number of quality responses for every job I post.  I give a slight advantage to Elance for it’s ease of use, but Odesk is a close second.  Odesk could learn a few lessons from Elance and come up with a simple way to compare candidates side by side, review candidate messages and take notes.  Their system is a bit cludgy and hard to navigate, but much better than a couple others like Freelancer.com.

I don’t get as many bids from staffing companies like I do on Elance, so it seems there is a greater chance of finding an individual freelancer directly. Also, it may just be my experience, but on Odesk I seem to get a much larger number of job bids within a shorter time period than from any other freelance site.

When I create a job post, I’ll usually put it on both Odesk and Elance when I start my search.  If I don’t find the candidate I’m looking for, then I’ll drop down to other sites.

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