Is a Patent Worth the Investment?

In the past, the last word in “arriving” as an inventor or an innovator was the patent. If you could patent your idea, you felt great — and others were impressed. These days, though, there are questions about whether or not a patent is really worth it. And, really, unless you’re a pharmaceutical company or […]

5 Ways You Can Benefit from a Mastermind Group

Whether you are building a business or a blog, one of the best resources that you can put at your disposal is a mastermind group. A mastermind group is a collection of people who share ideas and help each other. When you join a mastermind group, you can receive feedback on your ideas, as well […]

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Hiring International Freelancers

We live in a global economy. It’s possible to do business all around the world, and hire workers from around the world. However, if you hire international freelancers, you need to be aware of these three items: 1. How Will You Pay Your International Freelancer? No matter where your freelancer lives, you need to make […]

How to Protect Yourself When You Fire Someone

As a business owner, there are times when you just need to say goodbye to an employee. Most entrepreneurs don’t enjoy firing people, but it can be a necessary part of the job. I’m not talking about laying someone off due to economic pressures, either. Sometimes you need to fire an employee for their performance. […]

Should You Get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)?

If you want to make sure that your business is properly reporting to the IRS, an Employer Identification Number (EIN) can be helpful. But do you really need one? And if you do, how can you obtain your EIN? Do You Require an EIN? As a sole proprietor, you most likely do not need an […]

Sole Proprietor: Why You Should Consider a Business Account

As a sole proprietor, your business and personal assets are pretty much considered the same thing. So you don’t have to keep your bank accounts separate if you don’t want to. Many sole proprietors just keep it all together in order to create less confusion, and fewer items to manage. However, this might not be in […]

Paying Your Freelancer: What’s the Best Method?

If you hire a freelancer to do work for you, one of the biggest issues is how to pay for the service provided. There are a number of payment options, and they all have costs and benefits. Whether you are hiring a freelance writer, a web developer, or some other professional, make sure you both […]

5 Tips for Working from Home When You Have Kids

Right now, I have a pretty sweet setup. My son is in school, so I have six hours a day that I can use to get work done. But it wasn’t always this way. Working from home as you attempt to build a business can be tough when you have kids at home. Here are […]

How to Come Up with Content for a Great Infographic

One of the best ways to attract interest in your blog is to publish an original infographic. Infographics are popular because the help visitors visualize data in a way that is interesting and engaging. Numbers can be boring. An infographic, though, is fun. Making an infographic isn’t always easy, though. You need to come up […]

5 Benefits of Coworking

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One of the issues involved in being an entrepreneur is that it can get a bit lonely sometimes. The isolation involved when you are trying to get your home business off the ground can be discouraging — especially if you are a social person who enjoyed some of the interaction of a “regular” job. Coworking […]