Review of Steve Chou’s “Create a Profitable Online Store” Course

review of profitable online store


My friend Steve Chou from is an expert on creating online stores and importing products from Asia.  He was able to make over $100k from his store in its first year!  He’s taken the time to share his secret formula in a course called Create a Profitable Online Store, and today I’ll be reviewing it.  Like any fair review, I’ll share both the good and the bad (don’t worry Steve, there’s nothing to worry about).

First off, who is this course for?

This program is for people that are serious about starting an online business or increasing their profit margins from an existing online store.  If you want to save months of pain and expensive mistakes trying to figure everything out on your own, it’s worth a look.

Steve delivers the course in well over 100 videos (and counting).  You can jump around to those that are the most applicable to you, but all of them contain useful nuggets of wisdom.

And what does the course cover?

I’ll take a few bullets directly from the site:

  • Learn the cheapest and fastest way to put up a professional looking website WITHOUT hiring a developer.
  • Learn how to attract customers to your store without spending a dime.
  • Discover what products to sell that will make you the most money.
  • Find a niche market and products that you can make a profit selling online.
  • Find genuine wholesale vendors that will sell you products at rock bottom prices.
  • Sell goods online from the comforts of your own home while someone else does the order fulfillment for you.

So here’s what I like most about the course

  • It goes into great depth (with no fluff) across a very wide variety of topics related to online stores and drop shipping.  And it’s an excellent resource about importing goods from overseas.  Steve knows his shit!
  • You get the ability to pick Steve’s brain through office hours, his private email address, and the private forum where you can ask Steve and other members questions.
  • A lot of topics are portable (like SEO, optimizing websites, and dealing with partner companies) and they apply to other online businesses like affiliate marketing (my favorite area of interest).
  • Steve is very upfront about costs.  Starting an online store does require some upfront investment.  It’s nothing that the average Joe can’t afford, but many other scheisters try to hide this info from you.

My only dislikes

  • I’m old-school and not a big fan of video. If you are, this will be up your alley.  I just happened to be one of those odd birds that absorbs more from reading.  Fortunately, Steve includes a 400 page eBook along with the course for the rest of us that don’t like videos.
  • There is an outline above most videos that tells you times within the video to watch specific topics.  This is helpful, but ideally, these should be clickable links and you shouldn’t have to wait for the entire video to buffer to reach that time (although the wait is minimal).
  • I’d love to learn more about prototyping complex product ideas: costs, design steps, protecting IP, etc.  Steve does a great job reviewing how to import finished goods, replicating existing products, and simple product creation but I’d like to see a little more detail about new production creation. (Steve, feel free to correct me if I missed a section).
  • Steve is an Asia expert (which is typically where you can find the lowest cost products), but I’m also curious about the differences in sourcing from various other continents and countries as well.

All in all, if you really want to make a living (or a decent side income) through an online store, Create a Profitable Online Store will give you a sturdy foundation to build upon and drastically speed up your ability to get going and start taking orders.