8 Sneaky Social Media Tricks: Are They Worth Your Time?

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Everyone knows social media can provide a huge boost to traffic and engagement on your website.  For many bloggers, the race for votes and “likes” has become just as important as search engine rankings and SEO.  And just like SEO, services have emerged for those bloggers looking to take short-cuts to build followers and get votes for their blog posts. 

When used correctly, some of these techniques are perfectly reasonable and can help build traffic…although some are just plain sneaky.  We’re going to take a look at each of the following social media tricks:

  1. Paying someone to comment on other  blogs for you
  2. Contests and giveaways
  3. Paying for Tweets
  4. Paying for Twitter followers
  5. Paying for votes on social media sites
  6. Encouraging friends to vote on social media sites
  7. Paying for Google +1’s or FB Likes
  8. Create a ranking system

You can find people on any of the top freelance sites to do these things for you at very low prices.  In fact, in the Social Marketing category on Fiverr, you can find almost all of these tricks (or gigs as they call them) for just 5 bucks!  But just because they’re cheap doesn’t mean they are worth the time.  And you need to be cautious because in some cases you can even damage your search engine rankings and reputation. 

Since there are varying opinions about each of these social media practices, I decided to ask a panel of bloggers how they feel about them.  The following bloggers have kindly agreed to share their expert opinions with us today:

David from Happy Guy Marketing

Glen from Free From Broke

Tom D. from Canadian Finance Blog

Miranda from This Time, It’s Personal

Andy from Money Release

Gerald from Search Engine Marketing Group

Tom S. from Capture Commerce

Emory from Clickfire

This is a long post because I’ve collected a lot of opinions, but if you’re considering use of any of these tactics I’m sure you’ll find it worth the read!

Sneaky Social Media Tricks

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Social Media Trick #9 You ask a panel of bloggers to answer questions on your website :).  Just kidding, thanks for taking the time to share your insights guys!

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